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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
9:01 pm - RMWC's Crisis...My Response
Ok so here goes...this has been weighing on my mind for a few weeks and I'm going to vent here. So for those that don't know I graduated from a woman's college. Now at first this was not something I was too excited about. All of my friends growing up were guys...I was considered one of the guys. Being stuck with a whole bunch of women was not my idea of a good time. But like a good little daughter I listened to my mother who said basically don't count it out just because it's a woman's college. I went to one, your grandmother went to one, as did your aunts and your cousins. Ok, so now I have the family history to live up to too. Well when it came down to deciding which school I was going to accept I liked everything about RMWC except that it was a woman’s college and they offered me money. To make a long deliberation short I accepted their offer, sight unseen, to spend the next four years at a college I wasn’t totally sold on.

Now this does have a point I just haven't gotten to it yet. So I spent the next four years at a woman's college. And despite my reservations I had a fabulous experience. As I sit here now 2 ½ years later, fully invested in my chosen career path, I realize that I could have made no better decision for myself than to have attended RMWC. As I look back I would not change my decision on bit. With the knowledge that I have now I would return to RMWC in a heartbeat. Without the years I spent at my alma mater I would not have the strength of conviction and confidence in myself to step out on my own and pursue my acting career with the little knowledge I had about it when I moved to LA.

Now, as I continue to keep in touch with my school after graduation word comes through the pipeline that my college is having fun terrorizing all of its alums. And here's where the point comes in...first the Board of Trustees has decided that getting rid of one of the best study abroad progams we have is a great idea and second and most importantly they're considering going co-ed. Because they feel that a woman's college just isn't possible in today's society.

EXCUSE ME!!! If I as one of the staunchest contenders against going to a woman's college can have that opinion completely reversed, than there just needs to be something done to explain more about woman's colleges. I received one of the most fabulous educations you could possibly have by attending the school I did. Granted my college sits in the heart of VA in the heart of all of the many colleges situated throughout VA; which in reality makes it a fabulous place for a woman's college. You see I still had access to men whenever I wanted. ;) And it's not that they weren't allowed on the campus either. There were rules about when guys could be on campus but they were reasonable and pretty much what you would have wanted anyway. Going to a woman's college statistically produces some of the best female thinkers, politicians, business woman, and just plain people around. Woman statistically do better in a single sex education than in a co-ed. And frankly I think it has nothing to do with men, but with the woman themselves. Woman are naturally competitive and when you add men in to the mix they spend more time competing over the guys attention and with each other than paying attention and competing over their schoolwork. Every woman’s college graduate that I’ve spoken to in my circle of friends…and not just from grads of RMWC can say nothing but positive things about the experience. All of them would have repeated their education at their alma mater. There’s just something about the experience that you can’t understand without having gone to a woman’s college yourself. The longer I am away from my school the more I realize just how lucky I was that I had a mother that pushed me into doing something I didn’t particularly want to do in the first place.

Well now it’s my turn to give something back to my college. The idea that RMWC would be better off as a co-ed institution is just plain ludicrous. So I’m going to do something that is in my power to help affect a change in the Board of Trustees thinking. My goal is to make a documentary that will affect the way people think about woman’s colleges in the future. Hopefully it will help people to realize that they are a viable and beneficial option when looking into colleges. So here goes…the first statement in what looks to be a long road of things that will lead to the finish of this documentary. Through it I hope to look at woman’s colleges as they have existed in the past, in the present, and with a look towards how they will help and continue to develop in the future. I firmly believe that they are not a dying institution and that in years to come they will continue to educate many of our country’s strongest woman, both in and out of the spotlight. I intend to use RMWC as the grounds for this discussion as they are going through the crisis of conscious right now. As they look at where to go in the future, so will I along with them; looking at schools that have withstood the temptation to go co-ed as well as schools that have caved to the pressure. At the end of this project I hope to have a thoroughly enlightening film that will help to educate more people around the nation and the world. Also hopefully we can help the BoT realize that RMWC alumnae and students are not going to go down without a fight. This is just one of the ways we can show our support for a great school and a great system of woman’s college educations. I know I have some other alumns connected to my page. If any of you read this and are interested in helping in anyway…or even if you are not part of my RMWC but would like to add your support, please just send me a message. We can use all the help we can get to make sure this process is a success. Thank you.

RMWC Grad ‘03

PS - I apologize to anyone who sees this twice due to my myspace account. This is too important not to post in both places.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
12:48 pm - The cult...and the catch-up...
Ok so to start out with I am a horrible friend as apparently I should be checking this thing more often to find out what is going on with all of my good friends. I hear nothing and more than likely it's my own fault. Bad Shelby. I miss everybody but yet I haven't spent enough time checking in to see how they're doing so without futher ado...CONGRATULATIONS EVIE!!!!!!

As for me I'm home for the holidays - or at least for Thanksgiving. Basically after trading in 90 LA weather for snow on the ground WA weather I'm freezing my butt off. But still it's nice to be home with my friends and family. I haven't been home for turkey day in 7 years so I have some extended family that are about ready to excommunicate me since they haven't seen me in all that time. Oh well this is the year apparently. Otherwise I spent the weekend here at home shooting a short film which was fun. I haven't shot anything in awhile and it was nice to get back into doing something. Having coached all fall I wasn't auditioning as much, but now it's back to the grindstone. I'm feeling better about everything too which is good. So we'll see how this pilot season goes and go from there.

Now onto the cult...I'll keep this brief...but well the cult in my mind is this things called myspace that I somehow got conned into joining and it's become my lastest obsession. It's HUGE!!! I've gotten in touch with a bunch of high school friends and other people I lost touch with because of it. The big problem with it is that it's so goddamn addicting. But if any of you are on there and want to search me out...I promise I'm much better about getting back to you on there...my email is shleb3@gmail.com. I think you can search that way. Or just drop me a line there. :) I miss everybody but I'm usually a horrible correspondant. I do try on myspace though. For whatever reason it works. Thus why I think it's a cult. I think I'm going to need to join CMA soon (Cult Members Anonnomous). ;) Love ya all. I'll again promise to TRY to update and check this more.


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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
10:55 am - Cause I can...and well cause laundry's not done yet.
Sooooo...again I have not updated...and probably will not for awhile again because I'm a horrible friend and never let anyone know what I'm doing. So what have I been up to...well first off I guess is that my movie I shot last spring premiered last month which was cool. My mom and dad came into town to see the film which was really great since this is the first time I've convinced them to come see me in the "pit of hell" as they like to think of LA. Everyone seemed to really like the film, but being the perfectionist I am there were parts of my own performance I wasn't happy with. But people said I affected them and that's great since the film was a heavy drama.

Next: I've been coaching high school volleyball all fall for Los Angeles Baptist High School and I love it. I have such a great group of girls and the other woman I coach with has become a good friend because of the coaching. My JV girls have only lost one game in the season, which they lost mostly due to injury. They came back and creamed the team they lost to during the second round of league play. Our varsity has been plagued by injury this season, but now that they've gotten their whole team back their playing awesome. They've already clenched their playoff berth, now it's just a fight to figure out in what position they will go into playoffs. They are the only team to beat the league leaders all season. Way to go girls in ruining an undefeated record! Suffice to say I've learned that coaching is really something that I enjoy.

Further: As far as acting goes out here well I finally have an agent. We'll see how well they do for me. I haven't been with them that long, but so far so good. I auditioned for a theater company, Company of Angels (the oldest repretory theater in Los Angeles) and was pleasantly suprised to be accepted into the company. I've been doing a lot of tech work with them. Yay for RMWC requiring their theater people to do tech. I've basically become the go to person for lighting in the company and I think that's shortly going to be come stage managing as well. Basically I'm more obsessive than most and I won't half-ass the situation. I'm also shooting a short film with a friend when I go home for Thanksgiving. That should be a lot of fun. But I'm definitely on the hunt for my next project. :)

Continuing: On the dating front I'm back to the old boys suck situation. It kills me how often I end up there. Oh well. Someday right. For now I'm going to enjoy my single status and use the time to fully focus on my career. ;)

And another thing: Altogether things are going fairly well for me out here. I had a great Halloween dressing up as a very Kate Beckensail(however you spell her name) style vampire. I looked good it was awesome. :) Probably the most fun was getting to wear the costume at work last night and having all of my regulars looking at me like "who are you and where did you hide Shelby."

Finally: I hope things are going well for all of you, my friends, out there in the lost limbo of the world. It's been fun, but I think my laundry is done so I should go take care of that. My girls have an away game tonight so I have to be out of here early. :) Have fun y'all. :)

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
6:50 pm - Crack whores...
Ok so being someone who has never really been around people that use drugs I'm struggling a little bit right now. I have never personally tried any drug except alcohol and well that's rather tame. I really haven't been around anyone who either randomly or habitually uses drugs other than pot. And that tends to be more mellow than anything so...when for a scene I'm doing I have to play a cocaine addict, I struggle.

As I posted in one of my earlier posts I am competing in an acting competition on Thursday in Calabasas (for anyone who is in the LA area and would like to come see as it is open to the public) and the scene we've all been assigned for the competition is a scene from Magnolia. It's towards the end of the movie where Claudia and Jim are sitting in the restaurant on their date and talking about their fears that each other won't like the other one due to the fact that they both feel like fuck ups. Claudia is fuckin high as a kite as she's addicted to cocaine and has done a hit just previous to the start of the scene.

Here is the struggle though. I have no clue if I really look or come across as if I'm really trippin. And then I still have to filter all the emotional fear and self-loathing and wanting to be able to hope, through the trip I'm on. Of course for the piece de resistance I still have to make it fucking believable and clearly understandable to an audience. And I want to be an actor why?


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Saturday, March 26th, 2005
10:58 am - Weather...
Ok I have to admit I do love the fact that living in Cali I'm supposed to get the sunshine. But this "winter" has been ridiculous. Thank god we're finally getting out of that. It is a gorgeous, beautiful, amazing sunny day today and I couldn't be happier about it. Oh wait yes I could. I could not have to work and then could spend the day at the beach, that would be better.

But yeah, weather. I don't understand it. I mean I swear the planet turned upside down this year and all the weather that was supposed to be back home in WA is down here in CA. The mountains have a shit ton of snow. The mountain pass back home that is usually closed till May due to how much snow there is and it's avalanche country is opened with now problems as of a few weeks ago. LA has had a SHIT TON of rain. And Seattle has had none. I mean California has the 2nd highest rainfall of any state right now. That is riduculous. We don't get rain. We can't deal with it. It has been a major problem. So of course we're dripping down here and my hometown and surrounding area is going to burn all summer long because the drought up there will be so bad. We rely on the snowpack and there is none this year. Wierd is all I can say.


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1:17 am - Cause I can...
Ok not much to update really other than that I just want to put something up so I can force myself to get into a habit of updating with some regularity. My week pretty much sucked due to some people I considered to be good friends out here in California showing their true colors and come across as the total dicks that they really are. Basically they just said screw you and our friendship you're not worth giving the chance you ask for. So all in all screw them. Real friends would listen and give you the opportunity you kindly ask for. Thank goodness for the friends I do have out here who have been there for me all week as I've been feeling down.

Otherwise I've just been busy with work/auditioning/everything else I already have on my plate. I swear the more I try to find time to have a life the more of a life I don't have.

Meaghan, if you're reading this could you please do me a huge favor and DROP ME A LINE!!!! I have no idea how to get a hold of you at this point, or really even know how you're doing it's been so long since I've talked to you. shleb3@gmail.com works. ;)

Oh well, hopefully tomorrow night I can go out and have a good time since I had to work tonight and that was just total fun let me tell you. :P Anyway it's sleepy time now. My bed is calling me. :)


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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
7:28 pm - Fillin it all in...
Ok so here's my life in a nutshell . . . one word CRAZY!!! Ok so since Christmas I quit my second job right so that I could have more time to get back to doing what I really love which is of course my acting. I needed to spend more time with that instead of litterally going to work and then coming home and crashing cause I had no energy. So basically since January I have been a lot more focused on my acting and it's been going fabulously.

I'm currently studying at two acting studios - Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica is a Meisner technique training program that I will finish up at in July. It's a two year program. Also through them I've taken some master classes with Joanne that have been awesome. She really believes in my talent and has been very complimentary of my work. I am also studying at Bobby Chance's Expression's Unlimited which is also amazing. They are really behind me there as well and I showcase each week with them in front of industry professionals. Basically my classwork has been phenomenal lately and I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere with my own personal understanding of my acting.

Also I've been auditioning a lot more and it's paid off. In the last month or so I've booked three projects, two student and one independent which is super exciting. The first student project is a feature length film based on a true story. I have the lead and basically the whole story is told from my perspective. It is a high school domestic violence situation where basically my character falls in with the popular jock who becomes extremely abusive until it finally reaches a point where she feels like her life is in danger and since the school will do nothing she has to move away. Well her boyfriend starts dating someone else and when the same thing happens she tries to leave him as well and he ended up killing her in school. He stabbed her 5 times. This actually happened at a school in Texas. I am so pumped about this role it's riduculous. It's really well written and there's a lot of passion for it with the cast. The second student project is a short film that I have yet to see the script for since I just booked the film yesterday. But all you RMWC girls will find the situation as humorous and ironic as I do I'm sure. So I went in for this audition for a lead at the NY Film Academy's LA center and basically walked into the room and the girl directing the piece was like we'll just chat for a few minutes first and then you can do your monologue. Ok, great. So she's like I see you went to RMWC, what year'd you graduate? 2003. That's cool, cause I was your sister class I graduated in 2001. Talk about a shocker. For anyone that doesn't understand the significance of that, RMWC is like 800 students. We're tiny. To actually run into someone from there out here and not really have known them is wierd. Well it turns out I knew more of her than new here. Erika Slozak was a soccer/basketball/softball player so I heard her name around PER all the time in school, she went to Reading etc., but she wasn't involved in the theater in college so I never really saw her around. And now she and I will be working on this project together. YAY! The final project is an indpendent film that will be my first paying gig. :) Woohoo! I hooked up with the crew for this film randomly by following a friend to the set of a film they were shooting last year and then sticking around to make friends with the crew. Well I maintained that friendship and Greg called me into help out one day for this new film to basically act as a reader and semi audition for them since the director Roger had never seen any of my work. Well to cut the story shorter Roger was really impressed with my work and I'm now have a supporting role in the film. Though I'm playing a 14-15yr old with a crush on an actor who actually is 14 or 15. :-p So basically everything on the acting front is starting to pick up and really go somewhere. Now I just need to put some attention on finding myself and agent. :P

As to the boyfriend situation, Jake, well some of you know that we'd been having problems, not from lack of caring but due to distance. Well I went out to visit him in Vegas last weekend as he ships out this next week for the rest of his time in the navy anywhere from 2 to 6 months. He's headed over to the gulf and the trouble spots of the world. :( But after a great weekend we really both just agreed that while we love and care for each other so much we both are in too different places right now and that we really need to take some time to figure out our own lives first before we try to bring a relationship into the equation. So for now I'm single and he and I are going to stay in touch and remain close and see where things go in the future. I thing right now it's definitely the best thing for both of us as we were really living in more pain and frustration than fun and happiness toward the end. But I do love Jake and I hope things work out in the future, the best for both of us.

As to the rest of my life, there really isn't much to tell. My family is all doing well. I love where I live and the people I live with. Everyday I'm thankful that I landed in such a great place in LA with such amazing people who love and support me at all times. They are fabulous. The only downside is I do miss all my other friends and family out there in the greater world, but I will try to keep y'all posted on me and my living. I wish everyone the best and I love you all. :) *HUGS*


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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
7:13 pm - Long time no post...
Ok well I'm not going to post much now other than I LIVE!!!! Shocking I know. But I'm really going to try to update my life a little more regularly. I know, I know, I've said that many many times. But this time I'm really going to try. I feel like I've lost touch with a lot of people that mean a lot to me and that's bad. Friends are the best thing in life and if you don't have them you have nothing. So to all my friends, I love you and as soon as I have some time (hopefully later tonight), I'll post a true catch up post. :)


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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
10:27 pm - Wedded Bliss....
Alright so I'm in Virginia at the moment. How I get talked into spending time in VA in August and deep humidity I don't know. But it don't matter I'm having a blast despite the heat. So I spent the weekend at Ali's wedding. FABULOUS!!!! Ali was gorgeous Joe was such a cutie, and well all the Randy-Mac girls rock. And Jake baby I know you're probably not reading this but you rock! Thanks so much for all your patience this weekend. I love you babe.

But altogether the weekend waws fabulous. The bachlorette party was typical us. Fun, alcohol, and well fun. Friday was a little nuts with getting everything going for the rehearsal dinner, but we all managed to help out as we could and no one ended up too crazy, though we feared for Ali and Emily for awhile. Saturday's brunch was brilliant, I mean Randy-Mac girls, food, relaxation, and well Helen (so adorable) sounds like a perfect combination to me. But the height of the weekend was of course Joe and Ali's wedding. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her grandmother's dress, and Joe was so handsome in his charcoal gray tux. And well Spencer could not have been more adorable. How cute is a four year old in a tux with tails. The reception was grand fun for all and we danced the night away with all our old hits from college as well as just fun dance music. Of course the ring pictures were taken, the fight song and school song were sung and everyone looked at all of us as if we were nuts. But we didn't care and we all send Ali and Joe our best as they start their new lives together. They do make a perfect couple...hmmmm so whose next????

For now I'm down at RM with Erin Procopchak for a couple of days before heading back to Norfolk to spend a little more time with Jake and then back to LA for more of my crazy life. Chat at y'all later. :)


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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
9:58 pm - Pissed and in Pain
Ok so today has been a bad day from the start. Just one of those days where everything goes wrong. Work was nuts but not in a good way and I got cut like an hour later than I should so basically I was sitting around being bored and making no money after having little idiot things go wrong (like glasses falling off of trays for no reason and breaking). Only to go home for like an hour and try to take a nap and fail. Then I tried to get excited about the softball game I was going to go play in and finally managed it. So I go to the game only to deal with the shittiest part yet. So because we lost the last game we played (because we actually played everyone that wanted to play regardless of ability) the boys needed to prove that they had cocks and decided that they were going to only play the A team. Well there are basically 3 girls that can play; Stacey, Tina, and me. Well since the other team only had one girl the boys decided that that meant we only had to play one girl. Fine. But at least then rotate those of us girls that can play, since you are rotating the guys that can play. But no, they only played Stacey so bascially I sat around for 3 hours doing nothing. Then they put up the 2nd team to play after 1/2 the people had left cause they were pissed off about the situation. And could any of the A team stay to watch the game. Not hardly. So then to top of the evening I managed to pull my hamstring quite nicely and so I'm sitting here in pain and icing my thigh. So I'm tired and grouchy and well to be blunt bitchy, so I'm going to go to bed now and sleep.


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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
2:17 am - Drunk is good!
Ok so I'm just a bit tipsy ton9ight as I'm updating. Kahlua is great! But the whole point of this update is that I'm filling in everyone on my plans. So I booked my ticket yesterday and I'm all set (other than transportation while in VA) to get into VA. Yay for Ali's wedding! I wouldn't miss it for the world. For all y'all that don't know what's going on. I'm headed into VA next wednesday for the week to spend the weekend in Stanton for Ali's wedding, then down to Lynchburg to catch up with my crew, then back to Norfolk to spend some time with my bf and a discussion with said man. But yay for getting to see RMWC crowd! YAY!!!

But otherwise all I've got to say is alcohol is good! I like it. Sometimes. :-p


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Friday, August 13th, 2004
12:12 am - Double shifts....
You know in general I have no problem with double shifts. I make good money and it's just long hours. But after 12+ hours on my feet, I'm tired. But really the worst thing is that I have to be back at work at Chang's in less than 12 hours. *sigh* At least I've got the weekend of vacation. The biggest issue with working a double though is that while my body is exhausted I'm wired after that much time. So it takes forever for me to get ready to crash and then I have even less sleep. And y'all know how much I love my sleep.
:-p Oh well it will all work out in the end. The money was good.


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Monday, August 9th, 2004
3:00 am - Eh not impressed...
Ok so I went to see the Bourne Supremecy tonight and well it was alright, but it wasn't fantastic. Personally I think the first one was a lot better. The acting in the film was fine, but the camera work sucked. Frankly it looked unprofessional rather than planned. Though I must give props to Matt Damon for being one of the first action stars to remember that the human body can be damanaged and that when it is that doesn't disappear immediately. Yeah for him remembering a limp! Though the shot up arm wasn't quite as hot. Nothing too jarring but he was still doing a lot of trick driving moves with a bum shoulder. *shrug* You win some you lose some. Altogether it was alright, but that's about all. Hopefully when I see Collateral later this week it will be better.


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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
1:10 am - *Yawn*
Ok I am officially exhausted. In all truth I really don't mind working a double but after 12+ hours on my feet I definitely hit a point of exhaustion. I'm so ready to crash. But it all works out cause today was a pretty good day all around. Long but nothing to drama-ish was going on. I'd have to say the worst of it was only my last table and they were more than made up for by the great tables I had tonight. Though having to deal with a whole bunch of Middle Eastern people, who are complete vegetarians and don't drink at all is really disappointing when it's a party of 17. So what should under normal circumstances be a 300-400 dollar tab ended up being about $130. *shrug* They were a hassle with all the modifying and entree issues, but all in all it wasn't that bad.

Now if only I can get some sleep and hopefully find some time to talk to my man I'll be totally happy. But first things first and that's sleep cause I've got class in the morning and I've got to get up so that I can look beautimus before I walk out the door. :-p


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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
1:02 am - Cause I'm a good girl...
Ok so I'm going to try to update more so we're going to continue that trend right now.

Why is it that now matter what you do something always goes wacky while you're at work? I swear I had the most irritatingly fucked up table at work today. So I finally get my 8 top sat and the advance guard is only three people. I go up to the table and begin my spiel and i'm like hey can i get any of you anything to drink and they're like no we're going to go to the bar. AND THEY PROCEEDED TO DO JUST THAT!! How recockulous can you get????? They're already seated in the dining room and still kinda sitting there but buying drinks at the bar. Grrrr I was so frustrated. But altogether it was alright at work. :P

Oh well gotta go socialize for a few before bed and then a double shift tomorrow.


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Friday, August 6th, 2004
1:49 pm - Randomness of me
Ok, so my newest roommate is a religious updater of lj, so me being me in one of my random moods I decided to see if I could find my lj. Imagine my shock to see that it was still up and functioning after a year and half of no posts. Of course it was quite humourous to find out what my last post at the time was considering the state of my affairs today.

So here y'all go, the hopefully simplified version of Shel's life in the past long time no hear stage:

1) I graduated from college last May with my degree in theater and classical languages. Yay for me. I managed to make every honors society that I wanted to and graduated magna cum laude. God how did I of all people end up with brains.

2) I spent my summer at home working for the same company I had worked at for the past 3 years. I was working at Sun Mtn Lodge as a host/server/busser/room service/housekeeping depending on the day and what hat they needed me to wear. Oh well I made some good money.

3) I spent a week at the film actor's boot camp run by Dawn Wells that I had been planning on attending for 2 years. I had a blast and met my future roommates which I'll explain later.

4) This one is in reference to earlier said comment about the last post I made before I stopped writing in here regularly. Suffice to say that the not being dateable thing is no longer true. I got back in touch with a guy I had dated casually my senior year last summer after 4 months of not speaking. Well as of last month we've been together a year. Jake and I are extremely happy though both of our lives are exceedingly busy at the moment, not to mention our living 3000 miles apart. He's in the navy and is based out of Norfolk, VA. And I no longer live in VA. Oh well we make it work out of necessity and love. Cause I must say he is the most amazing thing in my life and I love him dearly. See he even gets the longest paragraph so far. ;)

5) After the summer I did what I've wanted to do for a long time. I moved. I now currently live in LA where I am pursuing my acting career. I've been out here since October of last year and things are going pretty well. As I said I met 2 of my roommates at the program I did last summer, and I have 2-3 other roommates at the moment as well. We live in a 4 bedroom apartment so it's not really that bad. The roommate situation is actually in a state of flux as one is for sure moving out (Laura - she's going back to grad school), one is just moving in (Maggie - yay we love her), one is hoping to move out to a different area of LA (Jenny - most of her work is in Santa Monica and we live in Glendale, that's 2 hours in traffic - 20 minutes without), one is looking for an apartment (Taja - she's cool but we don't know where she'll end up), and then two of us are just here (Pam and me).

6) Work. Well unfortunetly LA is an expensive city to live in so I can't just pursue my acting career or I'd end up living on the street. So basically I work to waitressing jobs, one at Gordon Biersch, a german brewing company, and the other at the newest P.F. Chang's China Bistro. Both are working out ok, but I wish I could just be doing the acting.

7) The acting. Well so far things have actually gone pretty well in this department. It's obviously the thing I love most and I've been doing my best to see that that's what I spend the most time doing. I joined a class when I first moved out here that was a two year training program in Meisner and I just finished my first year last night. At first I was sceptical about more full on training in a two year course like that considering how much studying I've already done, but I feel in love with the training and I know my acting's never been better. I've also been taking an improv class once a week that has lead to one of the projects I've been working on. I'm one of 3 producers on a show that my friends and I have put together for public access. It's an improv show that we're very proud of. It is different than pretty much anything else out there. It's been a lot of fun and we continue to improve. Since I've been out here I've gotten my headshots done professionally (thank you Evie for all your help in college ;)) and they look phenomenal. My next door neighbor and good friend should be finished with my website soon and then they'll be up for public viewing. Yay! I've worked on three different projects this spring, a local LA tv show called the Heartbreak Cafe, and 2 different independent short films. Due to funding I had to take a break from the auditioning for awhile to get my feet back under me when I started at Chang's but I'm getting back into it all now with fresh life and energy. Actually I have an audition for a lead in a feature on Monday. :)

So anyway that's the update on the craziness that is the life of Shel. I am living, though sometimes it feels nuts. There are a lot of details left out of this long ass post but I'm sure most of you won't mind that. I hope everyone I care about is doing well and I'd love to hear from all of you. Have fun y'all and now that we have functioning computers and internet I'll try to stay in touch. :) *Hugs all around*


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Monday, December 9th, 2002
11:36 am - Alright explanation PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Can anybody out there explain this to me? I really don't get it. What is it about me that is somehow FUCKABLE but not DATEABLE?!?!???!?! I really don't understand. Is there something there that just says, no can't date her? I mean, I know I have a hard time saying I'm pretty, but I go out and I get comments from guys that get introduced to me, but yet not a single guy ever wants to be dating. And no guy ever just approaches me. My friend Casey is the reason guys are around, but as she's usually got more than enough guys around I get dragged into it all. I can't help the fact that I love to dance. But I don't get why this makes my seem totally worth a quick offer, but always ends at that. I'm really tired of the whole oh yeah lets hook up thing! Sorry boys, I'm not here as some SEX OBJECT! Is my personality just deficient and once a guy has more than one conversation with me there just not interested in me anymore? Or if they are its never more than friends. I just don't get it! Anybody out there know why I'm just not dateable? I'd really like some sort of explanation. Just for my own piece of mind.

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Thursday, December 5th, 2002
11:03 pm - Yippee Skippy
Well it's been an interesting couple of days....

So Virginia has been getting winter storm warnings. Basically they told us yesterday that it would snow. So Lynchburg being the pathetic town that it is, shut their schools down because of the THREAT of snow. Pretty dumb if you ask me. Great for the students of course, but come on, close school on the threat of snow? Man my high school wouldn't even close down for a foot or two of snow. I remember high school being closed once in my entire career. And that was because we'd gotten 5 feet of snow in one dump and even the snow plows couldn't get out. That pretty much effectively shut the school and everything else down. So I'm sitting in my least favorite class, I class I would give much to get out of, Playwriting, the bane of every theatre major, yesterday and discussing with my classmates the threat of snow and all of our different experiences with school and snow. Well my professor finally arrived, the most horrible person on this campus - we really don't get along. Well he came into the room and Rebecca asked him if since Lynchburg was going to close schools at the threat of snow couldn't we not have class that day. Keep in mind this is my first class of the day and it starts at 2pm. It's evil. I hate having to go to it, I never have the momentum. Everyone in the class hates it and we would do anything to get out of being there. So Dr. Hateful tells us ok, if it starts to snow we'll cancel class. Woohoo we're thinking, well sorta. Anyway not 2 minutes later does it start to snow. We're all like woohoo!!!! So of course Dr. Grrrr is like I lied. Bastard! First disappointment of the day. The snow was fun and lovely and all. And we had a really good rehearsal and the rest of the evening was fine. But I'm lying in bed, thankfully still mostly dressed at midnight last night. When all of a sudden some drunk seniors decide it'll be fun to pull the fire alarm. Yeah it'll be fun to pull the FUCKING FIRE ALARM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHILE IT'S FREEZING COLD AND SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!!!! The hell I was going to go out there and freeze. I took my own sweet time, thank you very much, getting warm socks, my gloves, my hat, my warmest jacket, all out before walking out the door. (Yes I put shoes on too.) I live on the first floor of my door so it's not to far to the door. Realizing about the time I reached the door I was without my scarf I of course turned around and went back to get it. Still it probably took me all of 3 minutes to get out the door. Now of course under normal circumstances security is really good about getting over here and getting the stupid alarm turned off. But of course since we're FUCKING FREEZING the took their own sweet time getting across the small small area that is my campus. I mean their headquarters is across one fricking tiny ass parking lot but we were probably outside for 10 minutes or so before they even appeared. Eventually we managed to get back inside but that was our fun for the evening.

So to make things even more fun, I got up this morning and headed to the computer lab, early, to work on my lighting design project due later today. It's annoying cause I have to use the lab computers to use this particular program. And to top it all of it's the most obnoxious program in the world. I really don't like trying to design when I can't see the entire stage at one time. The program focus' on one section at a time. You can't see the lights you are attempting to place and areas of the map. It's really annoying. So basically I got really frustrated with the program and e-mailed my professor all annoyed. Headed off to my class expecting everyone to be there and was all confused when the door was closed. Well it turns out that my school, which never ever cancels class for snow or anything else, ever, had cancelled class! All day! So of course I didn't need to have e-mailed my professor all my confusion. :P I have till Tuesday now to figure it all out. But otherwise it was really nice to not have class. I spent most of the day asleep and watching Eddie Izzard. Good stuff as far as I was concerned. Even my rehearsal was cancelled. Had a nice hot drinks party with my friends and watched Lilo and Stitch. I love Stitch. He's so cute! :) So in the end the snow turned out to be a good thing.

On a completely different note. Yay I've got tickets booked to go down and see my friends in LA. Woohoo! Five days in LA in January in LA! I'm stocked. :)
Yay I'm all happy and stuff. Eventually everything turns out well. :)


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Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
2:56 am - Really large update time...
Ok I'm finally going to be the good little girl here and update about the insanity that has been my last two weeks -

So first of all schools been pretty busy. I'm getting down to the end of the semester which of course means that suddenly everythings due. Basically schoolworks been trying to keep me locked down into being a good girl. How boring. But I've kept up and am actually doing pretty well when it comes to that sort of thing.

Rehearsals are in full swing for Women of Manhattan. They're going really well and are a lot of fun. I think I'm really going to enjoy this show. It's a great cast and we can just relax around each other. The obnoxious thing is going to be having to keep an acting journal for senior sem. I hate having to be all introspective about my acting. I don't really deal with things that way. I'm having to keep multiple journals this semester and I suck at it. I mean look at how regularly I update this thing. I just don't operate well, especially when I know I have to, on updating something daily. Oh well I'll survive that particular horror. We actually did a lot of really good background work on our characters today. I'm really excited to see where this show is going to go.

In other news I went to Atlanta 2 weeks ago for the first trip away from school. I headed down to see my friend Erik as he was going to be in town instead of at home in LA. I figured 7 hours of travel was definitely worth it to get to see someone I care about when they live so far away. He had flown in to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform a piece his brother had written. Erik and Roger are both composers and musicians. (Some of you may know Erik from Melonpool - he does all the writing for Jalea's songs and is one of Steve's best friends.) So I drove down that Thursday night and crashed at Megs and Franks lovely little apartment. It was great to get to see them that weekend and they were actually pretty relaxed considering they were getting married the next weekend. Erik landed on Friday (which was by the way his 30th birthday...scary huh ;)) Anyway I met up with him and his family for brunch. Can I just say, I already knew that I liked Erik, and his brother and his brother's fiance Heejong (sorry if I spelt the name wrong) are great I really like them both, but his parents are absolutely wonderful. This was the first time I'd met them and they are so sweet. I had a really great time hanging out with his whole family. Everyone was so wonderful, especially since I was the only non family member in attendence. I mean Heejong basically is family at this point. The concert that night was absolutely brilliant. I was really impressed with Roger's piece and it was fun to get to see him walk out on stage to take his bows. The conducter was really fun to watch as well. You could really tell he liked a piece as he got really into the music. Plus there's the added fact that he looks exactly like Kevin Bacon. I mean Roger had warned us of this occurance, but I was thinking like general resemblance. But no, he looks EXACTLY like Kevin Bacon. Shocking really. The next day a friend of Erik's can up to pick him up from Florida. They hadn't seen each other in years though they went to high school together. I spent a couple of hours with Erik, Trent, Roger, and Heejong before heading back to Megs' to chill with Frank while Megs was at work. They're evil by the way. They had this game for the PS2 called Escape from Monkey Island. It was absolutely addicting. I played for like 8 hours that night I think. Very funny game, lots of sardonic humor, but so addicting. I left to head back to school and rehearsal Sunday morning.

I spent two days on campus, actually delaying my departure until Wednesday instead of Tuesday first because I was exhausted and wanted a second decent nights sleep before driving again, this time to South Carolina, and sencondly cause Megs was again evil and had given me her complete Escaflowne series to watch. Another very addicting thing. I loved it! Great series! I could definitely watch that one again and again. But I left Wednesday for South Carolina and evilyn's house. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Evie and her family they were all very nice and welcoming to this strange guest into their family Thanksgiving. I really had a great time. Which reminds me...Ev if you're reading this can you send me your address so I can send your parents a thank you note. Thanxs. After that we headed to Atlanta again on Friday. Time to get ready for the wedding. Frankenmegs were of course hectic, but it was great to see them. I was so excited and happy to see everyone that came in for the wedding, Joe, Brandon, John, Pauly, Livia, Matt, Glenn you guys rock! It was wonderful meeting Mike and seeing the RMWC girls as well. We had such a fun time hanging out together as well as watching Megs and Frank finally make everything official. I mean comeon it's not like we all hadn't seen this one coming. ;) I'm allowed to rib though, I love them both dearly and wish them nothing but the best. It's now official. Megs is no longer Meaghan Quinn she is now the adoring Mrs. Meaghan Cormier. It'll take some getting used to to actually call her that though. Next up, Pauly and Livia. You guys are going to be just as well off I know it. I doubt either of you are seeing this, but if so I wish you both my sincerest best wishes and congratulations. After a weekend of hugs, chatting, new friends and renewed friendships, Soul Caliber, and more hugs I was nicely relaxed. To top everything off I got to play more Escape from Monkey Island and with nods to Lauren for her secretary skills which were indespensible I finally beat the game. Yay for me! It was great fun. I headed back here to campus Sunday evening and got in around 2am.

I've been pretty busy with school these past two days making sure everything was all set up. I was shocked to discover yesterday that I only have 2 more weeks of classes! Thank you god! Christmas break is coming up and that makes me very happy. Then I'll only have one more semester and I'm out of here. My moving plans are all up in the air at the moment but I have faith that they will work themselves out. Cause you know what, no matter what happens I want this move to LA and I will make it happen.

As to all my friends, I love you all dearly. Sorry I don't update for you more often. Y'all know you can always get in touch with me if you need to. I'm always around on AIM. Drop me a line sometime. Love you guys. You've been there for me so often in the past when I've really needed you. Now that my life has actually managed to straighten itself out to the largest degree ever I am more than willing to return the favor if you ever need me for anything. God I'm in a sentimental mood tonight. But it's true, my friends have always been there for me. I hope that someday I can return the favor. I'll always keep trying. In the meantime I'll continue to do what I'm best out...pass out the *HUGS* ;) Laz you'll just have to deal with it. Hehehehe! Catch ya all later. :)


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Friday, November 15th, 2002
8:13 pm - Even more interesting...
Your score is:115
For easier understanding, the HPLHS SaniTest assessment algorithm converts your raw score to a scale of 1 to 10. This number is your INSANITY INDEX.

INSANITY INDEX 6.13 This score is solidly in the middle of the spectrum of madness, and it indicates that you are a classic lunatic. Lunatics are often highly functional, and even great achievers. But their personal lives are often left in ruins as they attempt to deal with their antic inner demons. Others who scored at this level include comedian/actor Robin Williams and French philosopher Voltaire.

I change one answer to the other option I was considering (my first impulse actually) and this is what I end up with....hmmmm solidly in teh middle of madness. Interesting. :P I do find it amusing how much you can vary this particular quiz by changing one thing.


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